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Fitness Training for Health Trainers

On searching fitness experts working in the area of London, you would find tens of hundreds of names listed as health advisers. But on giving a close look to those names you would find that most of them are either sports persons with distinctions in their respective sports or retired army personnel.

A sportsperson takes training to remain activity and excel in his sports and army personnel are trained to stay fit and healthy. Both the sports persons and army personnel have more knowledge on health and fitness than general people that know no more than walking and swimming.

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Who is a Health Trainer?

Anyone who has knowledge on health and fitness can become a trainer and this is what increasing the list of personal trainers in London. There are more health advisers and instructors than needed and more professionals are added to this list every day. But sports persons and army personnel or a fitness freak can't be called a health trainer.


Certified Health Experts

Doctors come from universities and so are paramedics and pharmacists. But for health training, people rely on books, magazines, Internet article, health blogs and sports persons and army personnel. Health trainers should also come from universities.


There are many personal trainers in London but the number of certified trainers is so small that they can be counted on fingers. There are a few health trainers but they are real trainers. They have physical education. They are taught about human body, its problems and cure by exercises. Certified trainers can only be called health trainers.

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